Wild Horses Are Heritage Animals

National Treasure — Or Feral Nuisance?
Pinto mare and a white foal in northern Alberta — DREAMSTIME Photo

Somebody I met just the other day reminded me, inadvertently, that I hadn’t written anything interesting lately, so I resolved to choose the first thing that came to mind and take the idea for a ride!

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Beginning of the End of the World

Planet Earth In the Universe
Maya Calendar 2 — Found on GloboTreks

December 21, 2012 marks the end of this age of twenty-five thousand years. Because of the transitional frequencies, society also takes a big spike at the transition point between the old and new cycles.
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Born Digital Preservation: Part I

Billions of Bytes in Danger of Dying Alone
One Mind, by Setzuo (detail) — Found on deviantART

Conceived in the mind — yet ‘born digital’ — so much artwork and world history are now being nurtured and raised to maturity on computers everywhere. In this series, we will examine what is being done to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff,’ and highlight strategies currently in use to preserve the billions of valuable pixels distributed world-wide throughout the past two decades.
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