Personal Artifacts

May is International Museum Day 2.0

Piece By Piece — Discovering A Real BlueJeanealogy

Scrubbies Jacket Pocket From 1974May is also spring cleaning time for many of the domesticated. So, when I cleaned out my closet last week and discovered a button that I ‘sort of’ recognized as an artifact from my high school days in Edmonton Alberta, my first instinct in tracking down its origin was Levis. Jeans that is.

I was close, but as it turns out, this button came from a GWG Scrubbies jean jacket purchased in the early seventies.

Confirmation came from The GWG Story, a Great Western Canadian (GWC) Heritage exhibit produced in 2009 by the Royal Alberta Museum with funding from The Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC), and the Alberta Employment and Immigration department.
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Dream The !mpossible Dream…

Polaroid Analog Instant Film Returns to Market
Polaroid Campfire

The worst that can happen is getting a free box of Instant Camera film — now what?

Over three years ago, Polaroid stopped making their venerable film that had become such a huge part of popular culture, giving artists, professional photographers, and even families on vacation a very amusing and tactile method to instantly record their thoughts and events. It was fun! —the flash and whirring ratchet of the mechanism, the anticipation and amusement of watching the image develop right before your eyes.
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Up Close and Personal

Preservation of Personal Treasures & Family Heirlooms

Scan, Retouch, and ReprintA Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Work. . . I bumped into an old friend while leisurely walking down the street one sunny day last week. We briefly exchanged news, and I was saddened to hear that his father had recently passed away.

Later, we met for coffee, and he asked me to look at some old photographs he had discovered while cleaning out the family home. There were some very interesting artifacts, mostly photographs, letters, some original watercolour paintings and three war medals.

I was reminded of my own closet full of family heirlooms, carefully wrapped and hidden from everyone, including me!
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