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18th Century Engraving — The Beggar's Opera, Act III — by William Blake.

Engraving By William Blake [21 x 16 inches] — after a painting by William Hogarth.

William Blake was a prominent late 18th century British artist and poet, who apprenticed as a commercial engraver under James Basire, of the Society of Antiquities, at the early age of 15. One of the best examples of Blake's commercial work during the 1780s is this scene from The Beggar's Opera, Act III, engraved after the painting by satircal artist William Hogarth, and published in 1788 by Alderman Boydell.

You can see from the edges, that framers of the day were often ruthless in cutting down such reproductions to conserve glass, which was very costly at the time.

Original engraving courtesy of a private collection.
Image scanned by Archival Digital Preservation Services.
Archival prints on 100% cotton rag paper available.