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18th Century Engraving — The Idle Laundress — by William Blake.

Engraving By William Blake [10.25 x 8.5 inches] — after a painting by George Morland.

William Blake was a prominent late 18th century British artist and poet, who apprenticed as a commercial engraver under James Basire, of the Society of Antiquities, at the early age of 15. This example of the George Morland painting The Idle Laundress, sometimes referred to as The Negligent Laundress, was engraved by Blake in 1788, and hand coloured after being printed in black ink.

George Morland (1763 – 1804) was an English painter of animals, and rustic scenes of English rural life. His own life was hardly as pastoral as his paintings, as he developed a reputation for living large, and during the course of his adventures was constantly in debt.

Original engraving courtesy of a private collection.
Image scanned by Archival Digital Preservation Services.
Archival prints on 100% cotton rag paper available.