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18th Century Book Illustration — engraving after Raphael's Madonna of the Chair.

Engraving By P.W. Tomkins [7.5 x 9 inches] — a bit different than Raphael's original.

Peltro William Tomkins, a British artist, was born in London in 1760 and studied with Francesco Bartolozzi who came to England from Italy in 1764 to engrave works in the Royal Collection. Tomkins was appointed engraver to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, in 1793, and he taught drawing to the royal princesses.

He engraved the works of many prominent 18th-century artists, including plates for John Chamberlaine, Original designs of the most celebrated masters of the Bolognese, Roman, Florentine, and Venetian schools. This print is quite likely an illustration from one of the many books containing the work of Tomkins.

Original engraving courtesy of a private collection.
Image scanned by Archival Digital Preservation Services.
Archival prints on 100% cotton rag paper available.