Praise the Google Art Project

Wouldn’t you want to have the entire Google staff and technical resources on your next digital preservation project? Well, me too. . .

Portrait of a Girl in Blue (Johannes Cornelisz. Verspronck) : Rijksmuseum : Art Project, powered by Google
Google: At first they were merely an Internet text and image search tool, and they grew rapidly throughout the first decade of the 21st century. Then came the advent of a completely new advertising paradigm, and they grew richer. Soon they altered the way ordinary people could view the planet, when they introduced Google Earth in 2005.

Then came Street View only two years later, in 2007 — generating much excitement, but without lasting benefit, in my opinion, as the view of every street in my neighborhood changes through each season, and evolves constantly. Case in point: how many new businesses are now occupying buildings that were formerly vacant when the famous street view camera rolled by?

Now, early in 2011, at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, Google has taken their Street View technology indoors, and combined it with high resolution images to provide a virtual tour of several important art galleries and museums around the globe. This effort, and the resulting experience for all of us is nothing short of astounding!

“A unique collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums to enable people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, pack a lunch and spend an hour or two viewing many of your favorite old masters. I guarantee you will see detail in the on-screen presentation that wouldn’t be possible to observe from a standing position in the museum itself!
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Author’s Note:

Archival Digital Preservation Services is pleased to offer any individual artist, private gallery, non profit heritage association, or museum, the ability to display their digital assets at high resolution using similar zoom and pan display techniques, custom tailored to match any website design and colour scheme.

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